Trying to press on…

I woke up with a bad headache and earache. I cannot get back to sleep. It is 6am. I have a sinus infection, fluid in my ears, and a stye that no matter what I do, just won’t budge. I am on a slew of medications for all of this as well as waiting for results for some blood work (mostly for vitamin D and white blood cell count, few other things).

I…feel…awful. On top of that, I just got over my monthly friend and am trying to move on from things of the past in regards to family situations. I feel discouraged to be honest. I feel like I could cry but then all of this pain I have from being sick would just get worse. I feel like I don’t know what to do.

Even though I feel all of this stuff, I am trying to press on with the help of the Lord. My feelings and sicknesses are fleeting and Heaven awaits us where everything is perfect. I am thinking about this while reading from my prayer books and Bible verses. But I still am human and I struggle so much to just let go sometimes. It doesn’t do any good to keep looking back over things I cannot change yet I do it anyway. I wake up from dreams where things in my family are way better and then am saddened that they were just that, dreams.

This is probably all over the place and I apologize to anyone reading this. I just feel lousy but need to remember God and His love and truth that never change. Help me, Lord and help everyone else too.


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