Great News

My doctor has said I can resume my original medication dose as prescribed. The taper was getting to me and I caved and had to say something. I remember my pastor mentioning to me that if it got bad, let the doctor know. I held back like “No, I have to do this.” And in the end, it was too much too soon of a taper at least for me. So yay for that and thank You, Lord and for all who prayed.

Another thing I would like to say is that my psychiatric appointment was moved from May to February! Another huge blessing. My primary care recently changed and I think he is not really comfortable prescribing benzo medications which I can see because he is not a psychiatric doctor. My previous PCP was also an assistant professor at a medical school so I think he was a bit more seasoned in psychiatry and comfortable with my medication regiment.

So I just wanted to give an update and give praise to the Lord. I feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders right now and that God has truly had mercy upon my undeserving soul.

May God bless you all as you seek His will for your lives.

In Jesus Name, Amen



2 thoughts on “Great News

  1. Oh that is really good news, dear, about the meds & the revised date of your appointment!! When you first disclosed that it wouldn’t be until May, I was pretty amazed that it was so far off, so I am definitely glad the Lord has allowed that to dramatically improve. You are so very patient & trusting, so the Lord definitely listens to your prayers and works all good things for those who love Him (and that is so you)!! Peace & Joy 🙂


  2. Hi Colleen, Just curious, but the time that is posting shows 4:01am but it’s 9:01pm where I am & I believe it should be 11:01pm where you are… Of course you don’t need to approve this particular post, but maybe message me via polyvore to let me know if you know why the time is so far off 🙂


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