New Year

My husband and I have been in prayer together as well, as alone with the Lord, about the New Year. I have one word that keeps coming to mind, perhaps the Lord is putting it in my heart. That word is “obedience”.

There are so many goals we can and should set for the new year and anytime, really but a lot of it comes down to self-control and obedience. I want to be in God’s will and more trusting of Him. I crave more of His peace… His presence.

So my biggest goal for the new year is to grow in the Lord and obey. Reading His word, getting to church, really praying and earnestly seeking Him. I want to be more like Jesus. I want to bear fruit for His kingdom.

I just felt like writing a bit about it as it has been on my heart. I hope that everyone has a most blessed New Year in the Lord and that we remember, the New Year is a fresh start in a way, but each time we repent, when we take communion, when we ask forgiveness… we have a fresh start, too. (I am not meaning you can only repent taking communion, it is just special to me and I mean we repent in that as well).

God bless everyone. His will be done for it is best.


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