Good News!

So I have some good news from yesterday. I…found…a…psychiatrist! lol Yes I was getting so worried but God had it all worked out all along. Isn’t that how it always works? Even if it isn’t what we were thinking would happen or how.. God knows best.

So I see HER (yes I am so happy it is a female so I emphasize that lol) in May. She is also connected with the same network as my regular doctor.

So yesterday I was so sure that this one lady might be the psychiatrist for me. Well, imagine my disappointment when I was so hopeful and prayerful when it ended up being a closed door. I was discouraged that I slept like a lot. I prayed but honestly, struggled to maintain hope in the Lord and His plan. I even e-mailed my pastor asking for prayer. Like I was obsessing so much so yes I just slept.

So then I got a call from another place I had been repeatedly trying to reach… and after some phone tag I was able to set up an appointment and they were able to pull up all of my info right on their computer since it is in the same network!

So I am just so happy right now and I honestly feel bad for not trusting in God so much at times and letting my own mind get the best of me. I am still going to be tapering with the Klonopin and am praying God’s will. I have nothing wrong with different or minimal medications if I can be stable and healthy. I am still a little weary but look at what God has done I mean… how can I worry? But alas, we are mere humans.

Everything will be okay. God is in control and God is good all of the time, even when we aren’t. Even when we doubt His unchanging faithfulness and best will for us. He never changes and honestly, I am incredibly thankful for that.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me. May God bless you all and thanks for sharing in the joy of this good news.

God’s will be done. Not our’s but God’s.


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