Medication Taper

So in about a week I will be starting my Klonopin taper. I am a big ball of a bunch of emotions. At times I have peace and truly believe I trust God but then at other times I worry and obsess about what will happen.

I still have yet to find a psychiatrist which could possibly prevent or at least slow down the taper. I am praying and making calls reminding myself God has it worked out and to keep doing my part.

I am scared. I am worried. I am hopeful. I am anxious. I am in God’s care and that has to be enough. He is my strength, my everything. I hope this doesn’t go like the time an old doctor had me go cold turkey. I hope God helps me to bear fruit even during the taper.

Oh Lord in Your mercy… hear my prayer. Thy will be done…. thy will, not mine… be done. Have mercy upon me Lord…have mercy. I love You.



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