A place for the kitties

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone celebrating it has a most wonderful day in our Lord, Jesus Christ. And also for those who are not saved to be saved so we can all be in Heaven together. Let’s pray for those who are lonely and suffering and do not know Jesus.

The reason why I titled this “A place for the kitties” is that I almost made a place card for the 4 kitties I hope are in Heaven for our meal we will have later. I decided ultimately against it because they are in my heart and I hope Heaven…and I thought it may make me sadder. So I wanted to share photos of the cats still alive and write this blog.


Me and Tinky almost 8 years ago (She is still alive).


Me and Tinky in the last year or 2.



Chase in the top photo or as we call him , Changel (Chase + Angel), snuggling with mama

Lily and papa in the bottom photo I think a couple of years ago. She is our little munchkin… still small at 8 years old. And she has mama’s prayer shawl draped over her. She loves that thing!




A place for the kitties… my heart. I love them, Jesus please tell them.

A place for the kitties… Heaven. May they be there, Lord and if you ever need anyone to be with them in Heaven, you know you can count on me!

A place for the kitties… in my life for awhile to love and cherish as the Lord does us and them as well.

I am so very thankful. I am sad I am not going to sit here and lie. I wish my mom answered my calls. I wish the kitties were still here. I wish things in my family dynamic were different. But all of this has made me stronger and realize that Jesus Christ is above all and all we need and honestly, I think we have to have those moments of pain to realize this.

So I would just like to say to the Lord and whoever is reading that I am thankful for everything. The blessings, the trials but  most of all, salvation through Jesus Christ. Eternity with my best friend ever. And of course the people who pray for me, my husband, church, the Bible, the cats, just everything.

A place for the kitties… in the Lord’s loving arms.

God bless you and again, Happy Thanksgiving.


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