Bubby Day

Today is officially Friday where I live and what does this mean? Why it is Bubby Day, of course! What is Bubby Day you might ask? Well, let me fill you in on this weekly blessing!

Bubby Day is a day created by my husband to every Friday where we make sure to spend quality time together no matter what life holds. To focus on God and our marriage. It is called “Bubby Day” because back when we were courting, I was being silly and it sounded like I said “bubby” instead of how you may call a significant other “baby”. We were joking around but it stuck and has since. I probably call my husband bubby more than anything lol

So anyways in an effort to try and be positive and looking to Christ… I wanted to share our weekly special day with you. I cherish this idea that my husband had and no matter how busy we get, how we get along, whatever it is…we always say “Happy Bubby Day!” and pray together. And we make time to nurture our marriage.

Today I am not sure what we will do as I have yet to sleep. We have some Christmas decor up already and my husband mentioned having a relaxing day. And of course do our devotional. We are doing the Love Language yearly one and I have to say, it is a great devotional. It sometimes is quite convicting … but of course that is a good thing because then we strive to be like Christ even more and seek that change only He can help bring about.

So maybe some warm drinks (and I don’t mean alcohol we don’t drink lol) I mean tea or coffee or something… time in the Lord, music, talk radio and just being near one another. Sounds like a good Bubby Day to me. 🙂




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