New doctor

I see my new doctor in less than 12 hours. I am honestly a little nervous about this. I think what makes me a bit apprehensive is that this doctor will be helping me with my mental health and medications. My old doctor said before he left he would recommend keeping my medications the same if they were helping. I truly am grateful for they have been helping.

I feel a bit vulnerable to work on trusting another healthcare professional, especially a male. I do think I want to try to get a female in the future but with Medicaid, sometimes it is tough to find a doctor. But here in the Midwest I have been incredibly blessed in this department. It seems a bit of a different atmosphere from New England where I am originally from.

I think it will go well and I just tend to overthink things. I have been praying and reading the Bible seeking the Lord. Also I have made some artwork on Polyvore this evening. God is good and whatever happens He will be with me. Then I will come home and think of how easy the appointment actually went.

It kind of reminds me of when I need to get blood work done and I have all of this anticipation about the pain. All of a sudden, it is over before I know it and was just a pinch. Unless you are hard to find veins on (thinking of my poor dear husband last time they tried to get blood from him…so very painful for him).

Here’s to hoping for a blessed day which of course we can always have if we just look around us whatever the circumstances are. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday as we seek the Lord’s will and share His love.




Thank You Lord for this medication helping me and for great healthcare. For blessings beyond measure, most of all salvation through Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins and rising again so we may rise with Him one day in Heaven. Thank You for everyone who prays for me, for church, the Bible, my husband, friends, artwork, the cats, Your love and peace. For Prozac which I never thought I would be thanking You for but truly thank You Lord. Please forgive me when I worry and doubt. When I let my feelings take over. When sometimes I do things I shouldn’t do especially when I am panicky and/or angry. Lord help me and all of us to be instruments of Your peace. Help us to be repentant and help us to be kind to all whom we meet for we do not always know the battle they are waging against the enemy.


In Jesus Name Amen


One thought on “New doctor

  1. Oh my dear, I just read this post today (11-23), & after reading your subsequent post realize that the appointment did not go so well. I am sorry you’re dealing with all of this ambivalence & medication changes. Your prayer at the end of this post is so genuinely faithful & loving to our precious Lord Jesus. He will definitely help you, it just takes a bit longer than we’d like at times. I know you realize this so well, but I’m praying for you to hang in there & take it hour by hour. You will feel better pretty soon as you follow the Lord’s Voice & His Will as best you can. You of all people I know, do this so very well dear!!
    Big hugs xoxo


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