Hope for unity this Veterans Day

I hope and pray for unity in the United States of America and all around the world. With the election of Donald Trump, there has been a lot of rioting and upset. What I am doing is asking God to help me to see why these people are hurting and pray for them. Not make fun of them, not mock them… but understand and pray.

In my opinion… please note opinion, they are very hurt and some I do think took every single thing the media said to be true. The only thing we can know is always true is God and His word…that doesn’t change. I truly feel bad for people who are hurt, sad, scared and taking their anger out in riots. I think we must pray for them and seek to understand them and ask God to heal their wounds. These people, a lot of younger ones I have noticed, may truly believe some of the lies they have been taught.

We need Godly principals for this world so me personally, I am delighted to have this hopefully on the way. But these people are hurting. These people need love, not hate so let’s pray and show the love of Christ.

This is Veteran’s Day and let us remember those who fought for and still fight for our freedoms. Let us hope and pray for peace and unity, not division.

To all who have served, do serve and will… God bless you and your families, too. You all go through so much and have my utmost respect. Thank you so much for being so very brave. Thank you for giving your lives for our freedoms. You are wonderful.

May God bring peace to our country and the world this Veterans Day and always. Let’s be peacemakers. Let’s not judge. Let us pray for everyone.



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