So last night I sent out my absentee ballot to vote in the election. While my husband and I pray for ALL candidates who run, I voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. I have never voted in a presidential election before despite being just a bit over 30 but am pretty excited. I honestly do hope they win but I know that God is with us no matter what happens and He is the one in charge.

I am praying for the Lord to guide whoever is president and if it is Donald Trump that Mike Pence can be a Christian mentor for him. I think that would be great and I have read that they pray together as well.

I do not agree with everything of Trump’s past. I do not defend things he has done that are sin but I know we all are in need of a Savior. We all need forgiveness.

I like the list of court justices, his tax plans, his pro-life stance, and how he wants to keep our nation safe. I think people should come in legally. I don’t mind people coming in but when illegal aliens are getting what so many of the homeless people here need it can be sad. I know God loves all of His children so He loves them no less, but if you want to come into the US I think it should be legally. We must follow the law.

I do believe we could be in danger should Hillary win however, God knows all and not me. I do not hate Hillary Clinton one bit and pray for her and Tim Kaine. I do like how Kaine doesn’t like the death penalty for sure. That is one thing I remember him saying. But it all boils down to policies and national security. That being said, I cannot vote for her in good conscience.

So with lots of research and prayer, I voted for Trump. However you vote is up to you. No one is any better than the other for voting one way or another. I just wanted to share a bit about my first time voting for a president of the United States. I live in a great country and I hope whatever happens, there can be more of God and less of us. I hope there can be safety and peace. And I hope that for the whole world, too.



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