I wanted to just thank the Lord for blessings tonight. Am I having struggles? Yes of course, we all are in one way or another even if not tonight. But I am working on being more positive and thankful which can be very hard to do with my mental health issues. Thankfully, the Lord is helping me. So here is a list of blessings (and I am sure I could go on for hours, too)!


Salvation through Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins

The Bible and God’s guidance through it

Church and fellowship

God’s beautiful creation

My loving and Godly husband

The cats the Lord has let me care for

A roof over my head the Lord lets us use

Food in the pantry

Food for the cats







Medications that are helping

God working in my heart

God working in my marriage





Jesus never leaving me

Lessons learned in life

The ability to even type this physically

The ability to think mentally


Internet (which is not a necessity to live but a blessing)


That I can see colors and enjoy beauty of nature

That my husband strives for integrity

For my dentist and doctors

Health insurance

The right to vote

Healing of my PTSD

Patient people God has placed in my life

Changes God has shown me I need to make

Getting to church on Wednesday night

The fall and everything about it 🙂

Holidays coming

Mine and my twin’s birthday coming up

The Jesus tree my husband and I will have (with Christian only ornaments such as crosses, nativity ornaments, etc).

The counseling I have received

The ability to create art on Polyvore

Talk radio

Sermons online

Worship music

The Lord’s Supper

Praying with my husband

Praying with the church

People praying for me

Quiet time in the Lord

Hobbies my husband and I share (some video games)

Not having cable (I am thankful just because there is a lot bad on there, we save money and we used to pay a lot for too many channels we didn’t watch)

Iced Coffee, yum!

Hot chocolate

Christmas Hymns

Christmas lights


Our cross wall in the apartment the Lord lets us inhabit

Devotional time with my husband and also alone with God

Praying for others and sharing encouragement

The many wonderful blogs on here


That hopefully kitties that have passed are in Heaven and resting well

The eternal hope in Christ

Bible Study

My husband cooking for me

My husband surprising me

The way the Lord took someone like myself and totally changed me and still continues to do so until we go to be with Him in Heaven. Everything from what I used to say, think, watch, listen to, wear, even drugs and alcohol to wanting His will for my life, being sober, not smoking anymore, working on my anxiety and anger, not watching inappropriate things anymore such as shows or movies with immodesty or sin. Craving worship music instead of profanity-laced music. All of this He has been doing for over 10 years, praise God! ( I am still a wretched sinner in need of God’s grace and forgiveness, never perfect).


(Momma and Tinky reading the Bible together).


There is so much more I could say but I will leave it at that for now. I am truly blessed and I hope everyone thanks the Lord for their blessings as well.

It doesn’t mean life doesn’t get hard. It doesn’t mean we don’t lose loved ones or go through very painful and difficult trials… but it does mean God cares for us in all situations and we can realize our blessings and praise God despite these situations.

May the Lord fill everyone with peace, love, joy, wisdom, and thankfulness as He works in us until the day of completion when we are all united in Heaven. God bless you all.



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