Call upon the Lord

I am calling upon the Lord this morning for help. I feel so very ill and sometimes PMDD combined with my other struggles is downright crippling. What I am learning is to call upon the Lord. His strength, His peace, His joy, His love, His wisdom, His mercy, His healing…  I am calling upon the Lord.

I am trying not to be ashamed of giving my struggles to Him due to being embarrassed. He knows everything about me, even more than I do. The physical struggles, the anxiety, the flashbacks, the nightmares, the panic attacks.. everything.

So Lord, help me during this tough time to meditate on You and Your glory, to be honest with You and others as well. And to call upon Your name in good times and bad. And Lord please help others to do the same. To not be ashamed to lay their burdens at Your feet as if You don’t understand, as if You don’t already know. You are waiting for us oh Lord and for that, I am grateful. I love You, Lord my rock, my refuge, my shelter. Please calm the waves of the sea of my heart and help everyone in this world to lean on You with honesty, sincerity, repentance, and praise of course.


In Jesus Name Amen


One thought on “Call upon the Lord

  1. Your Honesty and Humble Spirit Colleen, shows your Beauty within, I was very moved by your words of Love to Jesus and felt great Compassion in knowing about your struggles with fear and flashbacks but was amazed also that even in your struggles you took the time to visit me and reassure me of our Unity in Jesus and that you were Praying for me which comforted me greatly, Truly your Heart is full of Love.

    This Morning Colleen, I also called out to Jesus for His Strength, Peace, Inner Joy and His Healing and I Thanked Him again for His Love and Mercy and also for His Godly Wisdom and Empowering by The Holy Spirit that I had asked for and received years ago, I asked Him too for His empowering for me to be an Instrument of His Love and to have more opportunity to share His Eternal Hope to those who are hurting and lost in the confusion that this World propagates.

    I’m indeed your Sister in Christ Jesus Colleen and Proud to be, you are a beautiful Christian Woman that I give Thanks to God for, I’m so grateful our paths crossed.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne


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