No Fear In God’s Presence

This is a very encouraging post I wanted to share. I hope it encourages you as well.

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Those who take shelter and dwell in God’s presence, do not fear. They declare, “Most High God, you are my shelter, my refuge and in you, my God, I place all my trust.”

He rescues you, from all the snares set by your enemies. His presence shields and protects you. You will not fear the arrows that fly by day, the plagues that hide in the darkness, disasters nor riots, at noon.

You have made Almighty God, your refuge and dwelling. Even if a thousand fall on your right and ten-thousand die on your left, you will not fall. The presence of God, holds you secure.

Jesus defeated the enemy, for all time and won the victory, with the finished work on cross and his resurrection. He lives, so you can live! Rest assured and have no fear. The love of God, through the blood of Jesus…

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