Blessed Week

I just wanted to say I hope everyone out there has a blessed week in our Lord, Jesus Christ. I hope that whatever you are going through, you trust the Lord and are comforted by His promises and the gift of salvation.

And to those who are suffering in any way, I sympathize with you and you are always in my prayers.

I am still mourning the loss of Princess but am so blessed. It is a roller coaster of emotions but nothing too big for the Lord and also my loving husband. He has really helped me out a lot. Also everyone who has prayed for and encouraged me.

So many people are going through so much worse. I am suffering yet quite humbled. I have everything I need while some have none. I have a church family and some people have no family at all in any way. I have people praying for me, some people have none. (I do pray to the Lord for all of those who no one else is praying for and who feel that way as well).

I am just amazingly and abundantly blessed and I truly hope that the Lord helps me focus on that in these times and all of the time. And I hope and pray He does the same for you as well.



Verses I have been clinging to that I wanted to share:

Psalm 71:20-21

You who have made me see many troubles and calamities
    will revive me again;
from the depths of the earth
    you will bring me up again.

 You will increase my greatness
    and comfort me again.



Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for the gift of salvation. There truly is no better gift. For providing for me and so many others. For being our Father, Savior, Best Friend, Everything. Lord You are the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End. Lord please forgive us our sins. Forgive us where we fall short and use whatever we are going through and teach us Father. Teach us to be good servants and whatever lessons You would have us learn.

Lord please bless everyone everywhere and on this site even if they do not read this. Lord I pray salvation for everyone and that You would use us to spread the gospel as You would have us do it. To share the love of Christ yet at the same time remember Your commandments and be obedient. As in, Lord, showing that love but not condoning nor condemning sin.

Lord help us to remember our blessings. Wipe away our tears and calm our troubled hearts. Let us continue to grow deeper in You and gain a deeper understanding of Your word. Lord mold us and help us be what You want us to be.

Also I pray for your will with the US presidential candidates. Lord may they truly know and obey You. May they be kept safe. May You touch their hearts oh Lord and help the debate go well.


In Jesus Precious Name,



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