Princess has passed away.

The last of the cats I grew up with passed away on Sunday, September 18th. Princess was a boy but since we thought he was a girl, we picked the name Princess for him. It just stuck for 16-17 years.

So since I have relocated in April of 2014, each of these precious blessings has one by one passed on. Snowball was sick and old (he was Princess’s brother). Smokey got hit by a car. Pikachu lost his life to leukemia. And now Princess has succumbed to old age and health issues.

I miss these cats. I love them so much and always will. I hope cats go to Heaven. I hope maybe they are already there. I am just heartbroken but thankfully the Lord is faithful and will help me get through this.

I hope all who are mourning for whatever reason are comforted. I hope they get through and have loving support and also remember to lean on the Lord and His promises. He is always faithful.

I also want to say my husband has been great. He took me to the grocery store to get chocolate ice cream, held me crying, played worship music for me, prayed with and for me, and has been very loving in Christ. I am truly blessed. Not everyone even has that.

So anyways I just had to get this out and I would like to close with a prayer for all who are mourning.



Heavenly Father,

Thank You for sending Jesus to die for our sins. For loving us and blessing us and being near to the brokenhearted. Lord thank You for the many blessings in our lives even when we cannot see them. Even when all we can do is cry. Lord help us to trust You are there and Your word never changes. Help us to sense Your presence as we turn to You in prayer however that may be and to Your precious word in the Bible. Lord please heal the aching hearts of the mourning. Let their mourning be turned to joy. Let them hold onto the good and be positive but let them not rush the grieving process. Lord please give us strength to get through and send us love and support. Help us also to be support to others when we can as well. Bless those who care for us and pray for us. And Lord, please take care of any loved ones who have passed on as we know You certainly will.

In Jesus Name Amen




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