I have been bonding with the Lord more which then helps me to bond more with my husband. It was so nice getting out with him to run a couple of errands yesterday and as worship music played in the car, he held my hand a little bit. It was so sweet.

I have been asking God to help me as a wife and as the Lord’s humble servant. I have found that the more time I am in the word, the better I rely on the Lord and not my own self for this. Without the Lord, we will fail. We will do things that we think are right that aren’t. We will make poor decisions. We will sometimes try to take what look like “shortcuts” only to have painfully long ordeals… perhaps more painful and long had we taken the Lord’s way.

Obedience. Humility. I really need these from our loving Savior. I see how it truly transforms me to spend more time with the Lord. I am working on nurturing my relationship with Christ more. Sometimes with my anxiety disorders it can prove challenging but He is really guiding and helping me.

I see Him working in my life in ways I didn’t see as possible despite anything being possible with God. And I see Him helping 2 newlyweds seek His will for them on our journey here until we go to Heaven.

This may be a bit all over the place. It is late. I couldn’t sleep and writing and prayer help me. It was just a great day yesterday enjoying the so-called “simple” things in life and realizing that I need to continue bonding more with the Lord, my best friend ever.


Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for sending Jesus to die for our sins on that cross. Thank You for saving my life. Thank You for healing my anxiety and working on me and my marriage. Thank You for helping me spend more time in You and really pay attention to Your promptings.

Please forgive me for I humbly admit I have been sinful in not always obeying and trusting You. I am in need of Your grace.

I pray all of us in Christ would make that time with You, oh Lord. That we would cherish the Bible and all of its wisdom. That we would appreciate Your beautiful creation. And that we would continue to pray or salvation of the world and be a light wherever we can.

I love You, Lord. Thank You so very much for loving me even when I don’t do the right things.

In Jesus Name Amen.


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